Website Analyzer

The degree to which your website is effective is the difference between a lackluster interactive presence and one that elevates your business. Measuring your site’s effectiveness is a wise step prior to implementing a search solution.
MarketGoal’s Website Analyzer program represents a culmination of our rich experience in search engine optimization, online strategy and web development. This sophisticated tool measures your site for:

  • Search Engine Friendliness – Detailed evaluation of your website across 15 key areas of search engine friendliness
  • Competitive Review – Comparison with your competitors or best practice references
  • Natural Search Visibility – Detailed view of your natural search visibility (relevant keywords and your site’s rank on Google natural search)
  • Usability & Site Integrity – xhaustive 75-point review of your web presence that leads to a list of opportunities for boosting your web presence
  • Traffic Potential – List of targeted traffic potential for your website via both natural and paid search.

While our approach is deeply analytical and quantitative, our deliverables and reporting are simple and intuitive. We measure what you need to manage and provide insights and recommendations that can lead to tangible results. The Website Analyzer works seamlessly with our Google Rank Builder and Website Traffic Builder so you can start realizing the opportunities we uncover right away.

Pave the way for your search solution to succeed. Contact Us today to talk with one of our specialists about measuring your site with Website Analyzer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What insights can we expect from Website Analyzer?

Website Analyzer identifies issues that are unique to your site’s structure and content, but it also finds fundamental issues that are common among our clients. Here are a few examples:

  • Site URLs are not search-engine friendly (static and keyword centric)
  • Sitemaps are not search-engine friendly (XML, HTML, and Text versions)
  • Title tags and meta tags do not follow a thematic approach to support content themes and keywords critical to the site and business
  • Page titles and sub titles do not have H1, H2, etc., tags
  • Images do not have alt tags.

Our clients are keen on our traffic potential analysis because it uncovers the potential business impact of the website. This report usually sets the context and justification for investing in a better, more visible and results-oriented web presence.

Will we be able to implement some of the recommendations on our own?

Yes. Many of the recommendations are simple and can be implemented easily by your webmaster.

How many competitors or benchmarks do you include in your review?

The Website Analyzer includes up to two additional domains. We recommend using one for a competitor and one for an industry standard. We will be happy to suggest benchmark sites to use as best practice references.

How often will we need to use Website Analyzer?

You only need to run a comprehensive analysis once. After the initial baseline is established, you can track progress on individual recommendations. MarketGoal programs such as Google Rank Builder and Website Traffic Builder include the baseline in all reporting.

Can we see an example of a Website Analyzer output?

Yes. We’ll be happy to send you generic version of our comprehensive Website Analyzer output and walk you through the details.