Google Rank Builder

The major investment that went into designing and building your website falls short if your target audiences cannot find it via major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. For maximum visibility, your site must be listed on the first page or in the Top 10 results for search terms that are important for your business.

How do you get your site there? At MarketGoal, we’ve mastered the art and science of achieving high search rankings through our powerful Google Rank Builder program. Here’s what you get when you ask us to build your rankings:

  • Keyword analysis and portfolio – We use MarketGoal’s proprietary SEO Estimator tool to review keywords with potential to drive targeted traffic to your site and calculate how long it will take to achieve Page 1 ranking for each of the keywords. We also estimate the amount of incremental traffic these keywords are likely to generate
  • Search engine profile – You see Page 1 rankings for keywords and search terms that drive your business.
  • Simple pricing – We price our service per keyword so you can select the ones that are right for you and fit your budget.
  • Targeted traffic – We boost relevant traffic to your site via natural searches on Google
  • Web-based reporting – You watch your targeted keywords and Google rank movement via our online tracking system.

If you’re interested in boosting your rankings, our search specialists are ready to get started. Contact Us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Rank Builder?

Google Rank Builder is MarketGoal’s search engine optimization (SEO) program that uses industry- leading strategies and tactics to get your site listed in the Top 10 Google search listings.

How does it work?

MarketGoal’s search specialists pursue both on-site and off-site optimization activities to make sure your site is “search-engine friendly” and that it conforms to best practices. These activities may include:

  • Website structure optimization
  • Optimization of titles and meta tags
  • Content optimization
  • Optimization of HTML source code
  • W3C validation
  • Google sitemap creation and submission
  • Directory submissions
  • Search engine submissions
  • Link building
  • RSS feed integration.
How can I take advantage of the Google Rank Builder program?

Your Google Rank Builder program starts when we develop and analyze a list of keywords that are relevant for your business, products or services. MarketGoal’s analysis shows your current rank for each keyword and what it will take in terms of activities and associated fees to get you listed in Google’s Top 10 listing. You can then select target keywords based on your budget and business priorities.

Are there a minimum number of keywords required to get started?

We recommend starting with at least 10 to 15 keywords that are directly related to your business and website content. You may discover that some important keywords are not mentioned adequately on your site. If that’s the case, we can provide you with guidelines for updating or optimizing your site content to target certain keywords.

How will I know the program is working?

We prepare a baseline assessment of the targeted keywords, your current Google rank for each keyword and the projected trajectory towards top 10 Google rank. We then provide monthly reports to track your site rank on Google search listings. It generally takes about 60 days for keyword rankings to start improving.

What if the program fails to achieve Top 10 rank for one or more targeted keyword?

Google Rank Builder is based on our methodology, which is a blend of both art and science. So while we’ve achieved a Top 10 rank for thousands of keywords for our clients, some keywords can take longer than anticipated. If we are unable to drive a keyword to a Top 10 ranking, we’ll either ask you for additional time to deliver (at no additional fee), or we’ll refund the program fees related to that keyword.