Do You Need to Consult with Social Media Experts?

If you look at the numbers for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you will see some startling statistics from many social media experts. There are millions of people who are communicating on these three networks every day. When your business steps into the world of social media, do you know what it takes to cut through the noise of millions of people talking and get your brand noticed? Social media experts share lots of advice that is hit or miss online, and you may be following the wrong ideas to bring your company into focus online.

Because there are so many people, social media experts try to give general advice to everybody who wants to build their following. But what most social media specialists do not understand is that general advice does not necessarily help a business succeed online. Many social media experts are overlooking the different goals that many have for their social media efforts, and the advice they give is not tailored to their needs.

Are you following the wrong social media experts?

If you are, you could be wasting a lot of time and energy on tactics from social media experts that will not work. As you grow impatient, you may look to other social media specialists for advice, and following their tips could result in inconsistent messaging, which is a big problem for many businesses today. Companies are representing themselves online in different ways, and they do not work with social media experts who can help them craft a consistent brand across multiple social media platforms. Your market, in turn, does not know how or why to engage with you on these networks, and you lose potential sales, despite the advice of social media experts.

MarketGoal provides social media specialists that can help

If you are concerned about your social media presence, the social media experts at MarketGoal can help you clearly define the goals of your strategy, and then put together a series of tactics chosen specifically for you. These tactics would then coincide with a three-stage plan for building your social media marketing. The first step is to create your presence online. Then, specific tactics would be used to build up your following on these networks, with specialized advice from real social media experts. Finally, your content would be optimized across all platforms, so that you are communicating a clear message to your readers, and you are leading them to buy from you – which is the goal of all good social media experts.

If working with social media experts to build a dedicated following online sounds like something you are interested in, contact us today. With the help of our social media experts, we can help you put together a real, consistent, and effective plan for building your following online and fulfilling your social media goals.

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