The Secret to an Effective Social Media Strategy

Social media has exploded in popularity in recent years, leading many businesses to jump on the bandwagon and attempt to drive new leads through this communication channel. But without a focused social media strategy, many of them are not seeing the success that they are hoping for. However, instead of evaluating their social media strategy, many of them are simply passing on social media as a “fad”, instead of taking the time to understand how to use it more effectively.

What makes a good social media strategy?

The top way to put together social media solutions that will boost your business is focusing on your expectations. Too many companies are diving head first into social media without any rhyme or reason behind their methods. These avenues are not simply different forms of communication; they are revolutionary new ways that you can use to connect with your market. But without a good social media strategy, you can expect that your efforts will not bear much fruit.

First, expect that social media solutions take time to build. While an entertaining Twitter account may pop up overnight with 20,000 followers, a serious business needs to allow enough time for the social media solutions to gain traction. You do not want overnight success – you actually want longer, sustained success, which comes from a solid social media strategy. The followers that come to you with this approach will follow you for a long time, rather than the “flavor of the week” Twitter accounts that grab thousands of followers seemingly at once.

What are the right social media solutions for you?

When you think of social media, what services come to mind? If you are an average person, you think of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, because those are the three most popular networks. But social media strategy goes beyond those three. In fact, any methods you use to connect with customers online are considered to be forms of social media. Any effort you make to establish two-way communication with your market should be included in your social media strategy.

Finally, look to professionals to help craft and execute your social media strategy. MarketGoal has put together a three-stage approach to building your social media strategy and reputation. It starts with determining where you will be establishing your presence – there are many networks, and it stands to reason that not all of them will be most effective for you. Next, your network will be built. In other words, your social media strategy will be designed to attract followers that you can connect with. Finally, the content you provide on these networks for your market will be optimized to establish you as the expert in your field. With these keys to a good social media strategy, you can rest assured that you will build a valuable presence online that will attract new leads to your business.

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