Why SEO Web Development is the Key to Online Success

What makes SEO web development so important? Your website is like a 24-hour salesperson: it is always available to show people why they should buy from you and do business with you. It is your storefront to the entire world – a billboard that can move people to buy from you. But unfortunately, even the best billboards in the world serve little purpose if nobody can see them. The internet is a place full of billboards, so you need to find powerful, proven strategies in your small business web development to cut through the “noise” and show potential customers why your brand is better than the competition. This is what makes SEO web development so important.

At MarketGoal, we work hard to make sure that your SEO web development is optimized for the best visibility, along with a site that will move people to buy from you. In fact, we provide everything you need for SEO web development, including:

  • Strategy – Putting together a plan of attack for your online presence that is in line with your business goals
  • Content – Impactful, persuasive content that moves readers to take action, whether that is contacting you or buying from you right away
  • Design – Providing a clean, easy-to-use user experience, so that your design complements your strategy, instead of distracting from it
  • SEO Web Development/Integration – Putting together web functionality that will coincide with your business needs
  • Roadmap – Your plan for the future, whether it is a full-service solution from MarketGoal, or a small business web development plan that you can execute on your own

The beauty of working with MarketGoal is how smooth the SEO web development process will be. Our project managers work with you personally to ensure that all the goals and milestones of the SEO web development projects are clearly defined, as well as putting together clear timelines for everything. You are not left in the dark with MarketGoal. In fact, you will be properly informed every time we take action on your SEO web development.

If you think you are ready to improve your site’s SEO web development, then contact us Immediately to get started.

FAQ’s About Small Business Web Development

Q. How do you handle compatibility across different web browsers?

This is a common question regarding small business web development. The most used web browsers currently on the market are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. In fact, only 10% of web users do not use one of these browsers – 90% do. There are differences in how each of these browsers interprets web pages, including all of the code on the backend of the website. This can result in a slightly altered appearance to your site, or it can cause a complete ruin of the site. We make sure your online presence is consistent across browsers without any sacrifices to your SEO web development.

Q. What if I want a different copywriter or designer?

Not a problem. We can match you up with several different partners that we like to work with. If you have a copywriter or designer to take care of some of these things for you, we would be happy to work with them. There is a lot of flexibility in our small business web development team.

Q. Will we get final approval before the site goes live?

Of course. Transparency is a priority here at MarketGoal. We will show you mock-ups and live demos of your site with its content on it before we post it to the live web. Our SEO web development will keep you informed throughout the process.

Q. Can MarketGoal set us up with a good content management system?

Sure. We are experienced in using DotNetNuke, Joomla, WordPress and Smartie, as well as our own proprietary CMS called Ezadmin. All of these can be set up and customized to your site, based on your needs and the SEO web development needed.

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