Search Advertising/Paid Advertising Online

As a webmaster or as a small business owner with a website, you may wonder about the efficacy of SEO vs. paid advertising. And which of these two you should deploy to get the results you need. Before you begin an online marketing campaign—whether it one that involves Paid Advertising, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—you must be aware that your biggest success will come when you opt for professional assistance. It is important to talk to a professional company which can guide you about which form of search to use depending upon your industry, your business and your objectives.

The Importance of Research in Search Advertising Campaigns

The first step is to recognize the importance of research while creating a Search Advertising campaign and also recognize the high level of impact research can have on your campaigns’ success. We recommend in-depth research using available tools to gather information on what is working and what isn’t working in your search advertising, i.e. if you already have a campaign online. Even if you don’t, research comes to your aid in helping you create the right campaign from the very inception. In the world of paid advertising, a well researched campaign results in a well configured program and that’s half the battle won. We also recommend that you use “A/B testing,” which entails running multiple campaigns with different landing pages to ascertain which one delivers better ROI.

5 Steps Involved in Paid Advertising Campaigns

There are five vital steps that make a search advertising campaign effective. We at MarketGoal, execute these steps methodically using cutting edge online marketing tools. In order to ensure the efficacy of the work performed for your company, we customize the search advertising efforts to meet your business needs and budget. This is achieved via scaling of the search advertising campaign to match appropriate segments both demographically and geographically as needed; carefully selecting keywords; and tailoring your web content to precisely target the latest algorithms of major search engines.

The five steps MarketGoal uses for your search advertising campaign are:

  • Campaign Set up
  • Development of Effective Ad Copy
  • Management of Cost Per Click (CPC) for optimum lead generation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Reporting
Meeting and Exceeding Your Market Goal

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing services must be executed with precision if they are to be fully effective in boosting a website’s revenue potential. MarketGoal offers a full arsenal of SEO and website marketing services. As a result of these services, your business is likely to appear in the top organic search results for keywords and key-phrases that are naturally closely associated with your content, products and services. This will not only drive traffic to your site but, more importantly, relevant traffic.

The aim of MarketGoal is to ensure that, over time, a majority of your paid traffic will be generated by natural searches. With the assistance of avid digital marketing, your site will be progressively regarded as more relevant and important to the search engines—ultimately leading toward maximum ranking. This is accomplished by a continuous process that involves building inbound links to your site as well as by analyzing and tweaking your site to make sure it is compliant with search engine requirements. MarketGoal can also maximize the effectiveness of your ad copy, site content and landing pages, thereby helping you to achieve an optimal sales conversion rate.

To put your digital marketing into overdrive and boost your revenue, contact us today.