Why Do You Want tor Improve Website Traffic?

Some people feel that you cannot properly measure return on investment for a website when you try to improve website traffic. On the contrary, if you focus on attracting and converting relevant traffic into leads and sales, you can very accurately measure the success rate of an internet marketing plan. The key is to focus on organic, focused traffic that is already looking for what you offer. Because it is a natural process, you are not paying monthly fees for advertising space, and you can keep the traffic going at a fairly regular pace easily.

At MarketGoal, we want you to be able to improve your website traffic by:

  • Analyzing your website’s potential, from natural and paid traffic, to determine the best approach to improve your website traffic for you
  • Setting milestones for your plan to hit as you improve website traffic
  • Total transparency through online reports that let you see how you have been able to improve website traffic, and by how much – See more at:

Instead of monthly advertising fees regardless of how much traffic you get, MarketGoal only charges you for results – only when we actually improve your website traffic.

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What You Need to Know to Improve Website Traffic

Q. How are you going to improve my website traffic?

We will analyze your current traffic sources and what keywords we can improve your rankings for. This involves determining which keywords will be the best sources of traffic for you, as well as keywords that you can compete for. Combining that approach with new sources of traffic, such as social media, and you will be able to see that we will improve website traffic.

Q. How will I know that the program is working?

First, we establish your baseline – this is the average traffic that you are currently receiving. We do this by analyzing and averaging out the last three to six months of your website traffic. We then use that to compare against our results as we move through the program to show how we improve website traffic. We will use your current analytics software as well, so that you will always have access to those numbers.

Q. What if I don’t have any analytics software?

If you are not tracking your traffic, MarketGoal will set up an account and train you on Google Analytics. This can be done in a matter of hours. Once this is completed, we will use the first complete month’s traffic report as our baseline for the rest of the program so that we can show you when you improve your website traffic.

Q. What if you do not meet your traffic goals?

You can either receive a refund for the undelivered results or allow us more time (as agreed) to deliver the targets. The beauty of this program is that it eliminates your risk. We stand by our results, so we make sure that you do not have to pay if we do not improve your website traffic.

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